Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sweet bird

Wondering what to do for my next craft I came up with this.   I decided to do a bird on a perch in paper piecing,  Looking for inspiration I came across a template, the site "Scraps by Lori Kay Design" can be found here.
 And this is what I finished up with.

Fair Maids of February

The start of another month means this year is already starting to whiz by!   Snowdrops are also called Fair Maids Of February, so this week our calendar picture was snowdrops.  Now this is a really easy paper piecing craft, you just need leaf shapes like thick grass stalks, the snowdrop heads, a flowerpot for the base or you can “set” them in earth using brown paper or brown pens.  If you bend one or two leaves at an angle it gives a touch of realism.  I outline my snowdrop heads to give them definition and add the stalks.